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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet represents the ideal food model that best answers to the need of the most heedful consumers to the healthful food, without renouncing at the good food. Universally recognized because it is poor of saturated fat acids which are detrimental to the organism, the Mediterranean diet, rich with A, E and C vitamins, includes among its basic ingredients: cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruit and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive Oil and Health
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil sees confirmed by the science its quality of healthful food, capable to prevent from many diseases and also to cure them.
Recent studies have demonstrated that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very rich with mono-unsaturated fat acids that is oleic acid that carry out a foundamental role in the prevention of deseases such as: arteriosclerosis, cholesterol and cardiopath pathologies. It stimulates the production of the bile, and it helps the digestion. It also increases of more than 400 times, the body’s defences.

Extra Virgin Olive: effects on Cholesterol
The presence of mono-unsaturated fat acids contributes to reduce total cholesterol in blood and to increase cholesterol HDL, the so said “good” cholesterol. This one guarantee the integrity of the arteries, removing possible arteriosclerotic plaques, preventing from the adhesion on the paries. Thank to his action against arteriosclerosis and cholesterol, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, for this reason, recommanded to cardiopath subjects.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: daily need
The optimal quantity of unsaturated fats of which our body needs, is about 2 spoons a day. There don’t exist contraindications, on the contrary its good effects are numerous and widely differentiated.

Antioxidant action
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the richest antioxidant natural products, it acts on the injurious action of the free radicals, slowing the process of the aging of our cells.

Action on the development
Further studies have shown that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is indispensable to the nourishment of the children. Its contents of acids, perfectly balanced, renders it a highly digestible aliment, very important to the process of developpement of bones and of brain. This is the reason why you can dress with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (best Organic olive oil), the baby food starting from the 4°- 5° month.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not less digestible than other alimentary oils. On the contrary it was scientifically demonstrated that it is the only one digestible at the 100%, against percentages decidely lower of oils of different nature (sunflower seed oil, peanut oil, maize seeds and fats of animal origin).

Mediterranean Diet Bell'Olio di Puglia: A world made of genuineness and passion for the healthful food without giving up the typical flavour of Mediterranean gastronomy.

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